Who says you can‰'t fight City Hall?

PM&H wins second judgment against the City of South Portland. On February 8, 2008, Superior Court Justice Thomas D. Warren granted a permanent injunction enjoining the City of South Portland from taking any action to interfere with the rights of residents of Edgewood Road in Cape Elizabeth, who were represented by Bruce McGlauflin. It is a rare event when a Maine Court issues a permanent injunction against a municipality. In December of 2000 the City discontinued the last 25 feet of Edgewood Road on the South Portland side of the border with Cape Elizabeth to prevent access to a proposed subdivision. At the time, the City also issued an order directing the City Manager to grant easements to the residents of Edgewood Road on the Cape Elizabeth side of the border so that they would not be landlocked. Due to an oversight, the easements were never signed and recorded. In 2007, when alternative access became available to the Cape Elizabeth residents, the City decided that it could block access to Edgewood Road. Justice Warren ruled that the City could not renege on its promise to grant the easements. In a previous case, James Haddow and Bruce McGlauflin represented the Cape Elizabeth subdivision developer and won a six figure judgment against the City for damages related to the discontinuance of Edgewood Road and Charlotte Street.