Mike Martin Presents at Maine State Bar Associations Winter Meeting

Mike Martin Presents at Maine State Bar Association’s Winter Meeting On January 22, 2016, Mike Martin was among five attorneys who took part in a panel presentation at the MSBA’s winter meeting, titled “Family BBQ Gone Awry: Investigating, Litigating and Mediating an Interesting Product Liability Case.” This case took place in federal court and involved a woman who received serious injuries after she accidentally ingested a bristle that came from her BBQ grill brush.

The Plaintiff sued only the company that marketed the grill brush and the company that contracted to make the grill brush. Mike became involved when his client, the company that actually set the bristles into the brush according to the seller’s specifications, was sued by the defendant seller for indemnification and contribution. During the panel discussion, Mike explained the challenges he faced as a third-party defendant when deciding the best litigation and settlement strategies for his client.