Maine PUC Hearing Examiners decision in smart meter safety investigation

On March 26, 2014, an Examiners’ Report was issued by three hearing examiners at the state of Maine Public Utilities Commission in the Commission’s pending investigation into the safety of Central Maine Power Company’s smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure system. The examiners conclude that the “installation and operation of … smart meters and related devices and systems are consistent with [the utility’s] statutory obligation to furnish … safe, reasonable, and adequate service.” The Portland Press Herald Press Herald article recently reported on this development in the case.

The Complainants in the case, represented by attorney Bruce McGlauflin, have provided extensive evidence about the potential adverse health effects related to low-level radiofrequency radiation, including testimony from some of the leading international experts in the field. The parties in the case have until April 11 to file comments or exceptions to the Examiners’ Report. Attorney McGlauflin will file comments and exceptions to the Examiners’ Report on behalf of the Complainants. The Commissioners will then schedule a deliberation session and issue their decision, which may or may not adopt the findings and conclusions of the examiners.