Bruce McGlauflin article in January is of Maine Bar Journal

Bruce McGlauflin authored an article appearing in the January issue of the Maine Bar Journal, entitled Some Confusing Things Happened on the Way to Modernizing Maine’s Adverse Possession Law. Adverse possession is a legal doctrine by which you can acquire land without purchasing it, by occupying and possessing the land continuously for twenty years as if you own it. The article reviews the Maine Legislature’s efforts to modernize the law by eliminating any inquiry into the subjective intent of the person claiming adverse possession. It also reviews the Maine Law Court’s response to the Legislature’s efforts. The article concludes that the Maine Law Court’s recent decisions may result in greater confusion and complexity in the law by taking a mechanistic approach to the analysis of adverse possession claims. The article also concludes that unanswered questions remain about the categories of cases that will be affected by the modernization of the law. A copy of the article can be read by clicking here.