2010 Vincent L. McKusick Award

The 2010 Vincent L. McKusick Award will be presented to Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow partner Bruce A. McGlauflin for his article, “Some confusing things happened on the way to modernizing Maine’s adverse possession law,” which was published in the Winter 2010 issue of the Maine Bar Journal. The Award is presented annually by the Maine Bar Journal Editorial Advisory Committee for best article published in the Maine Bar Journal during the preceding year, as judged by the committee. The Vincent L. McKusick Award is named after former Chief Justice McKusick who prefers to call the award “the Vincent.” The criterion used by the Editorial Advisory Committee is to choose the article that “best enhances the understanding of the law of this state,” by an author “who has best demonstrated the commitment to practice-based legal scholarship as exemplified by Chief Justice McKusick.” The award consists of a specially commissioned sculpture of an open book, which is maintained at the Maine State Bar Association offices, and a photographic replica plaque is presented to each year’s winner.The article reviews the Maine Legislature’s efforts to modernize the adverse possession law by eliminating any inquiry into the subjective intent of the person claiming adverse possession. The article also discusses recent Maine Law Court decisions interpreting the legislative changes and concludes that a number of unanswered questions remain about the law and the categories of cases that will be affected by the modernization of the law.