Juvenile Law

The juvenile justice system can be daunting. It is a mix of traditional criminal defense, restorative justice, and creative problem solving. The intricacies of this unique and complicated system are why it is important to have an attorney you can trust by your side from the very first police interview.

Parents often want their child to face consequences for bad behavior, but those consequences do not need to involve the police to be effective. Once a child gets into the juvenile justice system, it can have a dramatic and long-standing impact on their life. Parents should not assume that they can adequately protect a child when police get involved, particularly because punishments for juveniles can range from community service to incarceration until the child is 21 years old. Though adults can expect a finite range of punishments for a given crime, a juvenile committing the same crime could face significantly longer incarceration. Always insist on having a lawyer with you when speaking with police.

We are experienced advocates for children and teenagers who have been accused of crimes. The juvenile is the client, which means that our attorneys will look to the juvenile for decisions throughout the case. However, helping parents understand how the system works is an important part of any juvenile matter. Our experienced attorneys can help families understand what to expect and how to best proceed with these cases. We provide a full range of juvenile services, including representation during police interviews; representation at all court appearances, including detention and adjudication hearings; and in efforts to seal past adjudications. We also represent youth with emancipations, guardianships, and other proceedings affecting their personal autonomy.